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Illusion Black Rack Rattling System + Extinguisher Call

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The Illusion Systems Black Rack Rattling Antlers is the #1 rated deer rattling system on the market. The Black Rack antlers are made with exclusive Bone-CoreTM technology that creates extremely lifelike antler sounds. The Full RackTM design allows you to perfectly mimic the sounds of battling bucks, while the Black ConcealmentTM system keeps your rattling sequences concealed so you can rattle at closer distances. Plus, the Black Rack is easy to learn with the instructional videos on the free 'Deer Society' mobile app. Strategically designed for lifelike rattles, the Illusion Systems Black Rack Rattling Antlers will challenge big bucks to venture closer where you'll be waiting.


  • Made in the USA
  • Two Full Rack™ design perfectly mimics battling bucks
  • Free instructional videos via the free 'Deer Society' mobile app
  • Exclusive Bone-Core™ Technology creates realistic antler sounds
  • Black Concealment™ keeps rattling sequences concealed for closer calling