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Riven Rebel Series Elk Call Combo Pack

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The best things in life come in threes! The Rebel 3-pack is our best seller that offers callers everything they need to mimic a wide range of elk vocalizations.

  • ROSIE: Designed to be the easiest and purest sounding Cow Elk call available. It is an extremely versatile call capable of producing a wide range of Cow Elk sounds. 
  • TREMOR: There is no greater sound in the elk woods than a bull elk’s bugle. This mouth call was designed to do it all when it comes to Bull & Cow sounds. It is easy to run and has unbelievable range. This call absolutely rips! 
  • RS1: This call is ideal for the caller that demands consistency, range variety and acoustic dependability. It produces lifelike elk sounds with ease & precision.