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Nock On Checkmate Quiver System

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$199.99 - $199.99
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The Checkmate is the most advanced and stealthiest quiver Nock On has ever produced. Packed with new features and technologies, this quiver was built with bow hunting in mind, giving you the ease of access and peace of mind when in the decisive moment.


  • Grip and Go Arrow Retention allows fast rear arrow deployment for both RH and LH archers and works with all arrow diameters
  • The hood is engineered in an arch pattern that reduces the quiver’s overall surface area when loaded with arrows and minimizes wind drift while attached
  • The Blade Locker foam brings innovation in material, cut, and depth designed to silence all types of broadheads while in the quiver
  • The sleek and silent retractable hood hook allows this quiver to hang from anywhere, which is extremely useful in a tree stand
  • The quad-adjust system provides perfect positioning of your quiver while maintaining the tightest fit and balance
  • Features a single, speed-load arrow gripper located on the bow mount bracket, so you always have a follow-up available, even without the quiver on your bow
  • Construction: High Modulus Carbon and Machined Aluminum
  • Dexterity: LH/RH