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Mathews Bridge-Lok Carbon Target Bar

Original price $369.00 - Original price $549.00
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$369.00 - $549.00
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The new Bridge-Lock™ Carbon Target Bars redefine what can be expected from a stabilizer. Integrated directly into the riser, this first-of-it’s-kind machined carbon bar is up to 48% more rigid than other premium target bars.

By designing the bar with the small lateral footprint and a skeletonized frame, we were able to decrease crosswind drag up to 36% over bars of the same length. Our proprietary adjustment system allows for micro-tuning in 1/2” length increments, allowing the archer to dial in perfect balance. Combined with the new Interlink Weight System, this package is the most customizable bar we have ever built.



12” = 10.04oz

30” = 13oz


  • Integrates directly into Mathews riser with 1/2 length adjustments using Mathews Bridge-lock system.
  • Machined carbon bar provides up to 48 percent more stiffness than other premium stabilizers. 
  • Skeletonized frame reduces weight and wind drag by up to 36 percent compared to traditional stabilizers.
  • 1/2 inch length adjustments using Mathews Bridge-Lock system.
  • Combine with Mathews Interlink Weight system.