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Kifaru 44 Mag

by Kifaru
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The 44 Mag is a combination of many of our packs over a few years of evolution. Our Duplex frame packs have traditionally been top loading drawstring style packs that can be closed using our lightweight lid tabs sewn into the snow collar or with a detachable / adjustable lid. The only pack that strayed from this in our recent history is the 22 Mag, a zippered panel loader with a sewn in lid pocket. Many requests to make the 22 Mag bigger and with better access have been on our plate for a while. Until the Shape Charge came around earlier this year, there wasn’t a clear way to accomplish the 22 Mag’s bigger brother.

This bag may not be the largest in our line up, but it is a beast that can morph to fit many roles. It’s built in organization and potential to be modified means it can handle most any adventure into the backcountry or down range.


Sharing the side pockets of the Hoodlum, the access of the Shape Charge and the lid pocket of the 22 Mag, the 44 Mag grabs all the best features from our lineup. The main compartment (3390 c.i. / 72.1L) is accessed by 4 burly #10 YKK zippers, a matched pair up top and one at the bottom on either side. The back panel has a hydration sleeve and a Pals webbing field up top, just below our chamber pocket. Elastic hose/wire ports reside just above the side pockets on both sides. The Hoodlum style side pockets (310 c.i. / 5.07L each) zip down the front of the pack with a #8 YKK zipper and have a lock out tab on the top to secure the pocket. The front of the bag is covered in Pals webbing and can accommodate all our pockets. There are two tab sets on the front of the bag for connecting Sherman pockets and lid straps to. This gives the user the ability to run the Sherman higher/lower for weapon carry or to customize vertical compression.

The Lid has three pockets, one small pocket up top with 2 key hooks, one large main pocket (390c.i. / 6.4L) in the middle and a mesh zippered pocket underneath. The dual handles from the 22Mag reside on either side of the lid with a tubular nylon handle going across the top of the frame sleeve across the back. On the inside of the front panel, there is an open topped mesh pocket which can be accessed when the lid is flipped open.

The compression straps for this pack are half sewn in and half K-clip straps. The top straps can either be passed through captive webbing tabs above the side pockets or attached directly to the Pals webbing to lock out the lid zippers. The lower two compression straps are sewn on the front of the pack and connect to the frame. The bottom compression straps are K-clip straps and connect to the frame. There are tabs at the top of the frame sleeve for attaching a lid and can connect to the two sets of tabs on the lower front of the bag or the single overload tab just below the front label. There are 4 tabs sewn over the top of the Hydration sleeve on the inside that will accept our K-clip compression straps. Like all of our Duplex bags, there is a load shelf sewn on the bottom back of the bag above the tensioner straps.


  • External frame required
  • Dual side pockets for a spotter or Nalgene
  • Internal bladder sleeve with dual hose ports
  • Integrated meat shelf
  • Volume: 5750 Cubic Inches (77.8L)
  • Weight: 3.7 lb