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G5 Montec 100 Gr. Broadheads

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The Montec 3 Blade Broadheads are a go to year in and year out for our customers who are looking for reliability without sacrificing accuracy.  The Montec is one of the truest flying fixed blades on the market and its legendary durability and sharpness continues to provide success year after year.

The ability to easily re-sharpen this broadhead allows you to practice with the actual broadheads you are going to use in the field, ensure they are flying true and then re-sharpen before hitting the field.


Crafted using solid, one-piece MonoFlow technology, the three-blade Montec not only offers incredible bone-splitting strength, but also delivers exceptionally consistent, target-point-like accuracy as well.

A cut-on-impact tip ensures deep penetration in even the heaviest game animals. The ultrasharp, multitapered blades leave a devastating wound channel, and they’re easily resharpened. They are made of strong stainless steel. 

1-1/8" cutting diameter. 

Comes in a 3 Pack