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Argali Guide Trekking Pole

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The Argali Guide X Trekking Pole is a hybrid carbon fiber and aluminum trekking pole built with a premium carbon fiber upper section and two 7075 aluminum lower sections. The carbon fiber top section helps to reduce vibration and weight, while the aluminum lower sections provide added durability and abrasion resistance. The Guide X Poles also feature a comfortable EVA foam grip, telescoping adjustable legs and the Argali Grip-Adapt handle that turns your trekking poles into a multi-use product. Built for rugged mountain use, the Guide X poles are made for extreme mountain conditions.

  • Hybrid Design - Carbon fiber upper section and aluminum lower sections provide weight savings over traditional full aluminum poles.
  • Lightweight-17 oz. per pair
  • Multifunctional-Remove the top cap on the handle and attach the X3 or QuickShot Adapters to turn your trekking poles into a shooting rest, a monopod for glassing, and more
  • Burly construction-Carbon fiber top section helps to reduce vibration, while the 7075 aluminum lower sections provide added durability and abrasion resistance
  • SnapLock telescoping legs-Three piece telescoping adjustability with our integrated SnapLocks provide stable and adjustable sizing for any height
  • Adjustable strap - Velcro adjustable wrist strap


  • Weight - 17oz
  • Material - Premium carbon fiber and 7075 aluminum
  • Tip Material - Tungsten Carbide
  • Collapsed Length - 25.5"
  • Max Length - 55" (140 cm)

Additional Features

Thanks to our innovative design, the Argali Guide X Trekking Poles are purpose built and engineered to be the best trekking poles on the market for heavy packouts, with adaptable features and accessories that turn your poles into a multi-use product.

The Guide X pole features our one-of-a-kind Argali Grip-Adapt System. By removing the orange cap on top of the handle and exposing the 1/4"x20 threaded insert in the grip, you can attach the Argali X3 Adapter or Argali QuickShot Adapter (sold separately) to the top of your trekking pole handle by screwing them into the top of the grip.

The X3 Adapter turns your Guide X Trekking Poles into a monopod for stabilized glassing by connecting to most binocular tripod adapters, or it can be used to connect two poles together to serve as the center pole on any Argali tent. To use it, remove the orange cap on top of the trekking pole handle and thread one end of the adapter into the trekking pole while the other end will connect to most binocular tripod adapters via a 1/4"x20 threaded end. Or, remove the caps on both poles and thread the X3 Adapter into each trekking pole handle to create a center pole for any Argali Tent.

The QuickShot Adapter is a shooting yoke that provides a rest for your gun by threading the end into the top of your trekking pole to provide a stable gun rest.