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SIG KILO 3K Rangefinder

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The Sig Sauer® KILO3K Laser Rangefinder uses a Gen II Lightwave DSP ranging engine with new target modes including Extended Range (XR), Fog Mode, and first-, best-, and last-target modes. This rangefinder delivers accurate readings out to 3,000 yards to reflective targets, while a segmented OLED display provides easy-to-read distance, elevation holdover, and wind hold data. Environmental sensors provide real-time calculations for ballistics. Applied Ballistics Ultralite has a complete bullet database with as many as 25 profiles and 8 onboard groups, ensuring you get accurate data instantly. The Sig Sauer KILO3K Laser Rangefinder is BDX 2.0 enabled with low-energy, long-range Bluetooth®. This KILO rangefinder connects with the BaseMap app to provide remote waypoints on ranged targets and can be fully configured within the Sig Sauer BDX app.


  • Gen II Lightwave DSP ranging engine
  • XR mode, Fog Mode, and first-, best-, and last-target modes
  • Reads reflective targets to 3,000 yards, deer to 1,000 yards
  • Holds as many as 25 bullet profiles and 8 ballistic groups onboard
  • Multiple environmental sensors ensure accuracy
  • Drop remote waypoints with the BaseMap app
  • BDX 2.0-enabled
  • Bluetooth