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Tight Spot Movable Sight Bracket

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The updated Tight Spot Moveable Sight Bracket allows you to easily use a slider sight with a Tight Spot Quiver. The conversion bracket is to be mounted between the sight and the riser of the bow. Use the longer 3/4" screws provided to mount the sight over the top of the conversion bracket leaving all screws loose for the moment. Mount the quiver bracket to the conversion bracket in one of the four sets of holes at the top. For best performance, you will want the quiver bracket as low as possible yet still provide clearance to move the sight. Adjust the quiver and conversion bracket to the desired spot and tighten all screws. You can also expect up to 15 degrees of additional adjustment and a 40% weight reduction from the previous model, allowing for easier and more accurate placement. This new bracket provides improved clearance for different set-ups, giving the user the ideal setup they need.