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T.R.U. Ball Ultimate Flex Quicksilver 3 Finger Release

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New for 2024 from T.R.U. Ball, the Ultimate Flex features a 3-axis adjustable trigger, tri-star hook system, micro-adjustable draw length, and ergonomic handle technology to make this the most comfortable release system possible. 


  • Ultimate 3-Axis adjustable trigger allows for full comfort and fit customization.
  • NEW Ergonomic Ergo-Fit handle Technology – The most ergonomic handle release available today with all new taper finger scallop surfaces located on the sides of the release to better fit the shape of the fingers when wrapped around the release handle. This provides a more secure and repeatable release placement in the hand with less torque and flat-sided handle releases. 
  • Tri-Star hook system magnet automatically cocks the release.
  • MDL – Micro-adjustable draw length technology provides the archer the ability to quickly and easily shorten or lengthen the release head, which instantly provides a faster or slower shot sequence when pulling into the back wall of the bow draw cycle.
  • No Cocking Bar – fastest firing mechanism activated by draw weight. Release the string much faster than older spring-activated cocking mechanism releases. 
  • Patented Finger-Flex Bed – Allows for ultimate adjustment with the finger beds to form fit the hand. 
  • Available in Medium and Large sizes