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Mystery Ranch Game Bag 80l

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A key component in any hunting kit, these game bags rest comfortably on the GUIDE LIGHT frame of MYSTERY RANCH hunting packs to take the edge off the longest off-trail hauls. Heavy duty grab handles make meat a cinch to handle and hang, and high-viz reflector accents ensure you won’t lose track of them in the dark. These bags are made from washable nylon and constructed with durable French seaming--so after you’ve finished packing out that trophy kill, you can clean them out and keep using them season after season.




Weight: 0.5 lb 
Volume & Dimension: 4880 cu-ins / 34"x14"x12"


  • Breathable fabric allows meat to breathe and cool quickly yet protects content from debris and flies
  • Drawstring closure
  • Finished interior seams for extreme strength and durability
  • Attaches directly to MYSTERY RANCH Guide Light MT™ and Guide Light Frames
  • Shaped to transfer weight directly to frame and to control the load
  • Double, heavy-duty grab handles for easy handling and hanging
  • 3mm reflective cinch cord for ease of locating hanging meat at night
  • Reusable – washable