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Kifaru Bino Harness

by Kifaru
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The Bino harness is an integral piece of kit for the modern hunter. We’ve compiled a list of features that current offerings fall short on:

  • Magnets that are loud and mess with compasses
  • Small pockets with no dimension or limited access
  • The inability to use navigation apps hands free.

Our Bino harness offers one handed operation with an adjustable hood, six pockets (three in the front, one in the back and two small pockets in the lid) and molle on the front and bottom to attach accessories.
Our straps are very minimal 1” Rhodesian style x webbing with three slots to adjust the ride height. This style harness is very thin and rides under a pack harness very well. The Bino harness is also compatible with our Hydro and Steelhead harnesses and comes with slotted buckles if you want to try other 1” webbing harnesses. The Hood can flip out of the way and hook around the bottom.



There are 6 pockets sewn into the Bino harness. Two tweave pockets reinforced with elastic on either side have a dummy cord tab for your GPS or spot device. The Front pocket is lined with spacer so you can quickly and quietly stash a call. The front pocket holds most phones and is a great way to grab some hands-free footage (audio gets disrupted but you can edit in some guitar solos).

The back pocket
will hold flat items like tags and maps and keep them out of the way. The two small pockets in the lid hold small items like mouth calls and chapstick.


in the front pocket you will find two bungies with cordlocks on either side which
will adjust the height of the hood and how hard you need to pull to seat the hood. Depending on which binos you are running with, you may need to use our Shim kit to raise up the binos so they are easier to get in and out.

There is plastic line sewn into the top edge of the bucket, you may need to train this line to clear your adjustment turret on your binos. We recommend putting 16 oz butane bottles for camp
stoves or Nalgenes in your harness so it can get the desired bend.


Large bucket (no harness) – 11.8 oz – 8”h x 6.5”w x 3”d
Regular harness – 2.6 oz – 48” straps – Small to XL shirt size