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365 Archery 5 Core 48" Target

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The 48" 5-Core HP Target System utilizes 5 replaceable 10" cubes that can be rotated to the 6 different shooting sides.

Each side of the cube has a bullseye pattern and can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new target. Because of the multiple core design, the 5-core target is the ideal archery target for multiple shooters or a family that enjoys shooting together.

The 48" black outer provides a large backstop for catching stray arrows, while the yellow cores are designed to take the abuse of repeated shots.

Our special proprietary blend of self-healing foam makes for easy arrow removal and long target life. Product includes a 48" black outer area that is 5" thick, 5-10" yellow cores and a base.

Product Weight: 84 lbs.