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Ultraview Archery UV3XL 3 Pin Hunting Kit

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The Ultraview UV3XL 3 Pin Hunting Kit is an ultra-streamlined, easy-to-use system. Its 3-pin cartridge has a center-mounted fixed pin for superior sight picture, two adjustable pins, and a bonus pin at the bottom of the housing for distant shots. The adjustable pins are slotted into a channel, allowing for precise yet non-binding adjustability and also preventing shifting when tightened. The 3-pin cartridge is machined from high-grade aluminum and is self-contained within the scope, streamlined with no extra bulk. With this centered fixed pin, switching between single and double-pin cartridges won't disrupt your point of impact.


Pin Sizes (top to bottom)  0.015" - 0.015" - 0.010" - 0.010"
Warranty 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase